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Through The Picture Window - Digital Download (MP4 - 4.5GB) *note for mobile devices

Through The Picture Window - Digital Download (MP4 - 4.5GB) *note for mobile devices

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Through The Picture Window’ is a candid, feature-length documentary giving an insight into what drives Julian as an artist and also shines a spotlight onto what it’s really like being Julian Lennon.

Filmed by award winning film-maker Dick Carruthers [Oasis, Led Zeppelin, The Killers, Aerosmith], the documentary is a feature length 720p, in-depth look at the story behind EVERYTHING CHANGES, examining the history, influences and the creative process itself.

The lush and stylised film is packed full of fascinating imagery and exclusive interview footage featuring the likes of Bono, Steven Tyler, and of course, Julian himself. The interactive viewing mode of the documentary with animated butterflies tempts the user to explore the songs, videos and other content

His latest album Everything Changes is another collection of powerful and sophisticated adult pop which includes Someday; the superb collaboration with Steven Tyler, who comments “you can't hide from a good song... it just blew me away.”

Through The Picture Window showcases and examines Julian's work and relationships: what motivates and informs them; and in doing so, frames a revealing portrait of Julian Lennon the Artist: the inside truth about his music, his philanthropy, and his new-found love of photography.

'His relationship with U2 is quite intimate... He's an easy hang isn't he...?' - Bono

'I had a lot of fun writing with him ... I like tapping into genius like that because it does nothing but set me on fire' - Steven Tyler

'I've always felt I've written songs that have that hope for the future' - Julian Lennon

This download contains the 82 minute version of the documentary.  There are no extras with this download.



*users of mobile devices will need an app to unzip the download folder. Search ‘zip’ in the app store.

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